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Automated Viscometer

Automated Viscometer MiniQV-X

SKU: 9725-A90

Automated viscometer MiniQV®-X Single-Bath Kinematic Viscometer

For Rapid Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids with Near ASTM 445 Precision


MiniQV®-X is a fully automated, single-bath, benchtop viscometer for rapid kinematic viscosity measurement of transparent and opaque liquids with ASTM D445 precision capability. A 25-position sample handler allows unattended processing. The fast-run tube covers a 10-fold viscosity range between 5 mm²/s (cSt) and 800 mm²/s (cSt) from 40 °C to 100 °C. The miniQV-X has been optimized for condition monitoring of used oils.


  • ASTM D446 and ISO 3105

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