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Learn about the 16 companies we represent in Israel

With most we have a long years relationship

Before we start working with a new representation we make sure the quality of equipment and service they offer will help us provide our customers laboratory equipment that will suit them for a long time

Cannon Instrument logo
manual Glass Viscometers

Viscosity Testing Equipment

Automatic Viscometers

Viscosity Baths

Glass Viscometers 

Viscosity Standards

Rotational Viscometers

Hauschild logo

Robust mixing solutions for a wide range of applications

IKA Werke logo
Eurostar OverHead stirrer

Magnetic & Overhead Stirrers, Shakers,  Mills, Heating Baths, Thermostats, Rotary Evaporators, Reactors, Calorimeters, Stands, Propellers, Homogenizers

Selecta logo

Oil & Water Baths, Circulators, Furnaces, Incubators, Ovens, Centrifuges, Heating & Cooling Plates, Heating Mantles, Burners, Nutritional and Water Analysis Equipment

Thomas Scientific logo
Laboratory Equipment

Everything for your laboratory

DLab logo
Hot Plate Stirrer

Magnetic Stirrers

Overhead Stirrers 



Liquid Handling

Hirschmann logo
Volumetric flasks

Peristaltic Pumps

Liquid handling



Precision Capillaries

Labo logo
Water Bath Circulator

Precision Temperature solution

Water Bath Circulators

Pobel logo
Volumtrc Flasks

Laboratory Glassware

Sepor logo

Solid size reduction, Filtration, Screening and Sampling equipment, Crushers & Mills, Feeders, Pumps, Splitters, Concentrating Tables, Flotation Machines, Magnetic Separation

Gilson Company logo

Solid Samples Preparation,

Sieves, Sieves Shakers,

Testing Screens,


Sample preparation/mixing,

Specific Gravity Determinations

HWS Labortechnik logo
Glass Reactor

Glass Reactors and Accessories

Max Systems logo
SP label Printer

Durable Sign and Label Printing Solutions

Proton logo

Calibrated Glass and Plastic Ware Laboratory Equipment

More about Proton
Terriss logo
Seal Tester

Soft Drinks Testing Equipment

Stainless Steel Products

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