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Bacteriological Incubators "Incubat"

Bacteriological Incubators "Incubat"


Natural convection.
Temperature thermostat control with digital thermometer.
For adjustable temperatures from Ambient +5°c up to 80°c.
Stability: ±0.1°c up to 37°c. Homogeneity: ±0.5°c up to 37°c.

Internal glass door

Comes with 2 shelves and 4 shelf guides.




1. External case treated with a corrosive resistant epoxy coating.

2. Internal part: Easy to clean AISI 304 stainless steel double chamber, self adjusting door seal    

    and adjustable shelves and guides.

3. Control panel: independent insulated control panel to facilitate all types of instruments,

    controls and regulators.

4. Adjustable air inlet.


Technical Properties

5. Excellent thermal qualities of the insulation has the optimum performance according to heater

    capacity and power consumption, with minimal external temperature loss.

6. Independent heating chamber for the heating elements to obtain an even heat distribution and

    rapid temperature equilibrium and stabilization.


Technology from J. P. Selecta:

7. Adjustable guide and shelf positions.

8. Double seal around the chamber to provide a gentle but effective seal.

9. Floating spring door that adjusts the pressure and absorbs the thermal expansion.

10. Adjustable door pressure system closure. Internal tempered glass door.

  • J.P Selecta

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