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Viscosity Check Oils

Certified Viscosity Check Oils

SKU: 9727-S

Certified Viscosity Check Oils


CANNON certified viscosity check oils verify SAE target viscosities for kinematic viscometers, cold-cranking simulators and mini-rotary viscometers per ASTM D445, D5293 and D4684 respectively. Each check oil contains a commercial engine oil with certified values at common blend target values for density in g/cm³ (g/mL) at 15 °C, kinematic viscosity in mm²/s (cSt) at 40 °C and 100 °C as well as cranking and pumping viscosities in mPa∙s (cP) at SAE J300 specification temperatures. CANNON certified viscosity check oils are available in 1 L (quart) and 3.8 L (gallon) sizes.

  • ASTM D445, ASTM D5293, ASTM D4684

  • Cannon Instrument Company

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