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Overhead stirrer

Eurostar 20 High speed up to 20 liters

Overhead stirrer Eurostar 20 high speed Digital | Control

High speed laboratory overhead stirrer designed for intensive stirring tasks for quantities up to 20 l (H2O). It automatically adjusts the speed through microprocessor controlled technology within the speed range of 0/150 - 6000 rpm. Continuous comparison of shaft speed to desired speed is maintained and variations are adjusted automatically. This guarantees a constant speed even with changes in viscosities of the sample. The included precision shaft R 6000 is 280 mm long and has a maximum immersion depth of 220 mm.


Control model

Designed with a removable wireless controller and a digital TFT display.

Comes equipped with a RS 232 and a USB interface to control and document all parameters, and an update of the current firmware. An integrated torque trend display is provided for the measurement of viscosity changes.



    Eurostar 20 high speed digital

    Eurostar 20 high speed control

    Max. QTY H2O

    20 Liters

    20 Liters


    0-6000 rpm

    0-6000 rpm

    Viscosity Max.

    10000 mPas

    50000 mPas


    20 Ncm

    20 Ncm

  • IKA Werke GmbH & Co. KG - Germany

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