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hot plate

Magnetic stirrer Hot plate C-Mag HS 7 control up to 20 Liters, 500°C

SKU: 0020002694

Magnetic stirrer Hot plate C-Mag HS 7 Control

Square top made of ceramic

Multi-functional menu: Whether determining the direction of rotation, timer functions or sequence programming - the stirring process can be programmed individually from beginning to end. In this way, the reaction runs reliably and safely even without monitoring.

Safety features: The display is made of chemical resistant and hardened glass which increases the safety of the user. In addition, a symbol in the display warns in case of a hot surface and therefore protects from burnings.


PT 1000.60 Temperature sensor, stainless steel

IKAFLON® 30 Magnetic stirring bar

IKAFLON® 40 Magnetic stirring bar

Screw driver

USB cable


  • Capacity

    20 Liters


    50-1500 rpm

    Temperature range

    RT to 500°C

    Plate size

    180 X 180 mm

  • IKA Werke GmbH & Co. KG - Germany

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