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Multiple position hotplate magnetic stirrers “Multimatic” for 5 or 9 positions

Multiple position magnetic stirrers “Multimatic”

With heating up to 200°C

External plate made from AISI 304 stainless steel with engraved stirrer positions.
Independent stirring speed control for each position.
Front panel protected against splashes.

Comes complete with a 5 or 9 mm stir bar, model dependent covered in PTFE of 8 Ø x 32 mm long.




    Plate size

    Multimatic 5-N

    5 X 600 ml Max.

    up to 1600 rpm

    25X25 cm

    Multimatic 9-N

    9 X 300 ml Max.

    up to 1600 rpm

    25X25 cm

  • J.P. Selecta - Spain

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