Multiple position magnetic stirrers “Multimatic”

Without heating

External plate made from AISI 304 stainless steel with engraved stirrer positions.
Independent stirring speed control for each position.
Front panel protected against splashes.

Comes complete with a 5 or 9 mm stir bar, model dependent covered in PTFE of 8 Ø x 32 mm long.

Multiple position magnetic stirrers “Multimatic” for 5 or 9 positions




    Plate size

    Multimatic 5-S

    5 X 600 ml Max.

    up to 1600 rpm

    28X33 cm

    Multimatic 9-S

    9 X 300 ml Max.

    up to 1600 rpm

    28X33 cm

  • J.P. Selecta - Spain

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