Powerful Magnetic stirrer Agimatic-H

Without heating

Digital speed display

For low viscosity volumes from 1 to 60 Liters

When using reduced volumes  the unit can stir medium to high viscosity liquids

Electronic speed control from 50 to 980 r.p.m, will maintain a constant stir speed irrespective of the liquid viscosity.

AISI 304 stainless steel top plate with an epoxy coated metal case.

Model HS comes complete with a 16 Ø x 127 mm stir bar and model HL with a 19 Ø x 150 mm stir bar.

Powerful Magnetic stirrer Agimatic-H




    Plate size


    Up to 25 Liters

    50 to 980 rpm

    28X34 cm


    Up to 60 Liters

    50 to 980 rpm

    44X38 cm

  • J.P. Selecta - Spain

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