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Reactor 500-2000 ml

Reactor 500-2000 ml

Modularly configured laboratory reactor for the optimization and reproduction of various chemical reactions, mixing and homogenization processes on a lab scale. The system is particularly characterized by the agitator mounting, which allows for a safe transfer of the higher motor torque. ULTRA-TURRAX® dispersers, temperature sensors, flow breakers and other accessories can be attached to the open ports of the reactor cover.

Suitable for vacuum operation

Solvent- and temperature-resistant perfluoroelastomer (FFPM) seals come into contact with sample

Infinitely variable speed

Torque trend display for measuring changes in viscosity

Microprocessor-controlled speed regulation, enables steady speed, also under load

Removable WiCo (wiresless controller) for remote and safe use in a fume hood


The LR-2.ST laboratory reactor system consists of:

Stand system

Safety switch

Reactor cover

Over head stirrer


5 Reactor systems models are available - each with a different over head stirrer to best match your laboratory neccessities

LR-2.ST the High-Performer with EUROSTAR 200 control P4 laboratory stirrer with higher torque

LR-2.ST the Allrounder with EUROSTAR 200 control high-torque laboratory stirrer

LR-2.ST the Versatile with EUROSTAR 100 control laboratory stirrer with (counter-) clockwise function

LR-2.ST the Compact Power with EUROSTAR 60 control laboratory stirrer with higher speed and no gear ranges

LR-2.ST Starvisc 200 with STARVISC 200-2.5 control to intensively stir even highly viscous substances and at the same time display their viscosity.



  • Volume Max.

    2000 ml

    Min. volume with disperser tool

    500 ml


    RT to 230°C

    Attainable vacuum

    25 mbar


    8-290 rpm

    Material in contact with the medium

    borosilicate glass, FFPM, PTFE, steel 1.4571

    Openings on lid

    3/NS 29/32 2/NS 14/23



    Viscosity Max.

    LR-2.ST the High-Performer

    150000 mPas

    LR-2.ST the Allrounder

    100000 mPas

    LR-2.ST the Versatile

    70000 mPas

    LR-2.ST the Compact

    50000 mPas

    LR-2.ST Starvisc 200

    100000 mPas


  • IKA Werke GmbH & Co. KG - Germany

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