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Vacuum oven

Vacuum drying Oven "Vaciotem-TV"

Vacuum drying Oven "Vaciotem-TV"


Digital temperature control, electronic vacuum pressure display and timer.

Controllable temperature from 35°C to 200°C
stability ±1°C, up to 100°C. Homogeneity ±3°C, up to 100°C. Set error ±2°C. Resolution 1°C.


Comes with 2 shelves and 4 shelf guides.




Digital electronic control of: temperature, vacuum pressure and pre-selected programmable timer.

Temperature sensor Pt100

Automatic air inlet at the end of the operation cycle.

Heating element placed evenly around the chamber.

Chamber made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Trays made of anodised aluminium.

Door with hardened glass window, which sits on to a silicon gasket that absorbs any contractions and expansions that may occur.

Vacuum port with bleed valve.

Air valve at the front.

Vacuum pump connection at the back. Epoxy covered outer case.

RS-232 Interface output for parameters to a computer or printer.


Control Panel


1. RS232 interface.

2. Air inlet.

3. Air inlet valve.

5. Vacuum pressure indicator lamp.

6. Air inlet valve indicator lamp, end of cycle.

7. Running indicator lamp.

8. Under vacuum indicator lamp.

9. Digital vacuum display in mbar.

10. Push button to select vacuum.

11. Push button to select electronic valve at the end of the cycle.

12. Push button to increase value.

13. Push button to decrease value.

14. Push button to STOP/START.

15. Indicator of mode temperature.

16. Indicator of mode time.

17. Indicator of operating.

18. Indicator of mode waiting time.

19. Digital display of temperature or time.

20. Push button to select temperature.

21. Push button to select time.

22. Push button to increase value.

23. Push button to decrease value.

24. Push button to STOP/START.

25. Mains switch.

26. Safety thermostat in operation.



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